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Real small picture of an alien to promote the biggest collection of Alien and UFO websites, alien abudction, outer space aliens on earth, extraterristials, ET space ship websites and more Click to discover anything and everything about Aliens and UFOs from these website links.Biggest Collection of UFO Alien Abudction Space Ship Websites on the internet! Discover anything and everything about Aliens and UFOs from these websites!

TriggerPit Website Logo: collections of pictures that make you go wow; click to visit and view these amazing gallaries.Pics that make you go wow, astonishing photographs organized in large galleries; like photos from outer space from the space station, artwork in the Sistine Chapel, astounding macro shots of spiders and more wild photos:

Click to track the invasion of earth by the UFOs live real-time at the MUFON  real time UFO event monitoring map of UFO reports and reflecting recent UFO sightings and UFO activity. Very weird crazy strange website from the internet.
MUFON real time UFO event monitoring map:

Is the earth being invaded by extraterrestrials in flying saucers? You can track planet earth invasion by the extraterrestrial UFO flying saucers live real-time! A website by MUFON maintains real time event monitoring map of UFO reports and reflecting recent UFO activity. Just click on the little flying saucers displayed on the map and view the UFO report sighting details, cool.

HEMA Dutch Online Shopping Website Screenshot
HEMA Dutch Online Shopping

HEMA Dutch Online Shopping Website (online winkelen) It loads like an normal online shopping website but you will laugh as all the display products begin to fall over and roll around and demolish the page, crazy!

Official Crazy Frog  Picture
Star Animation - Free clipart star Animated gif
Official Crazy FrogStar Animation - Free clipart star Animated gif
OFFICAL CRAZY FROG PAGE at Crazy Frog Videos, Crazy Frog Websites, Official Crazy Frog Song, Crazy Frog Clipart Gallery is Coming! Buy Crazy Frog Posters, purchase CD's and Stuff. Everything Crazy Frog!

Photograph of an alien abduction of a human from earth to highlight the Alien Abduction UFO Website Link Dump; a giant collection of alien abduction UFO website links; connect with almost all of the information about aliens from outer space other planets, alien abductions of humans and animals, UFOs, the paranormal and extraterrestrials by clicking the photo of an alien flying saucer spacecraft abducing an unconscious human with an eerie light beam.Alien Abuduction UFO Website Links Massive collection of alien abduction, UFO and Alien visitor websites; a large unorganized group of links to some of the strangest weirdest most bizarre Alien UFO websites on the internet.

Thought Screen Helmet keeps Aliens from being able to read or control your thoughts. Thought Screen Helmet protects you from Alien visitors and UFO Abductions.

Protect yourself from
Alien Mind Control and
Abduction to UFOs by Aliens

This "how to" website gives detailed easy instructions to construct a "Thought Screen Helmet" which will not only keep the Aliens from getting into your head and controlling you thoughts but the Aliens can't transport you to their UFO when you are wearing this inexpensive easy to construct and highly fashionable Thought Screen Helmet. Stop being abducted to UFO's and having your mind controlled by Aliens build yourself a Thought Screen Helmet today!

Halloween Hangman Game, Play Flash Halloween Hangman Game Online Free
Summertime Hangman Flash Game; click to plan Summer Hangman flash Game online free.
American Patraiotic 4th of July Hangman Game, Play Flash 4th of July Hangman Game Online Free
Clipart Logo Hangman online Valentine's Day Flash Game; Play this online Valentine's Day Game Hangman and and have big Valentines Day Fun!
Easter Hangman Game, Play Flash Easter Time Hangman Game Online Free
Saint Patrick's Day Hangman Flash Game; Click to play Saint Patrick's Day Hangman flash game online free.
Thanksgiving Hangman Game, Play Flash Thanksgiving Hangman Game Online Free

New Weird Website: Want this?Get your name tattooed on this hot girls butt ass cheek! Free!Get your name tattooed on this hot girls butt ass cheek! Free! or take a premature trip to the cemetery, put your name or a friend's name on this gravestone picture or customize other sign text with your own funny words, choose from hundreds of wild photo options at this wacky website

Crazy Customized Cemetery Photo: Funny gravestone reads if you lived here you'd be home now.
Rare vintage photograph of first US President George Washington as an American Army General driving off the British; click for the un-retouched version of this photo.
Real or Fake Photo of President George Washington?
Extremely rare photograph USA’s 1st President George Washington driving off the British or a carefully contrived funny fake made using a Dodge Advertisement Picture, Photoshop and this interesting website that makes modern color photographs look like old vintage black and whites; you be the judge. HINT: click for the un-retouched photo.
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Click to visit Ships Nostalgia, an interesting website about ships and their history, information, forums and huge ships photo gallery with thousands of ships.
New Interesting Ships Website!
Modern Ships and Ships Past; photographs, history, forums and more… If you have any interest in the sea, ships and their history this is the premier website for ships information, history, and ships photograph galleries. If you love ships you will spend hours, this ship website is huge with tons of history and information, thousands of photographs and active forums to communicate with other ships lovers. Any kind and all kinds of ships are covered, cruise ships, tall ships, pirate ships, navy ships, cargo ships, pirate ships!.

Optical Illusions, Hidden Images and Strange Artwork!
Click to visit Planet Purplex Website, Gallery of amazing art such as optical illusions, hidden images and impossible objects, puzzles and brain teasers.

Planet Purplex Website, Gallery of amazing art such as optical illusions, hidden images and impossible objects, puzzles and brain teasers.
Click to visit Planet Purplex Website; you must click here now! Animated Hypnotic Spinning Wheel; Strange Optical Illusion.

Breaking News: UFO expert abducted by Aliens in UFO.
News Flash:
Alien Abduction, man taken by UFO!

Scan from Dallas Sun Newspaper Article June 18, 2008; Headline: Alien Abduction Storys, Man taken by UFO! Text: Oddly appropriate the head of UFO and Alien Abduction Research at, Jelio Gotie was abducted up and into a UFO in front hundreds of witnesses at a Dallas shopping mall last Thursday. One witness, Ima Lyon who shopping said ...there was this blinding light coming down out of this thing, a loud buzzing sound and it sucked this guy right up and took off. Dallas F.B.I. was flabbergasted at a total loss for what to do.Every agent the Sun interviewed said the same thing, da. After a frantic 3 day absence Mr. Gotie mysteriously reappeared at his home. He said when interviewed by the Sun No big deal, it happens all the time.
Make a hoax newspaper scan like this, use your own story.
Goofy EBay Auctions Tracking Website
click to visit crazy website; click website Screenshot from Goofy Auctions a website that tracks weird wacky strange crazy stuff for sale being auctioned at EBay!
Goofy Ebay Auctions Website: Wacky website tracks the weird things up for auction at EBay!
Goofy EBay Auctions This wacky website can keep you abreast of all the weird things up for auction at EBay! They are always auctioning wacky things on EBay. So if you are looking for a melted snowman or to rent a pair of extremely large female breasts or any other weird thing you can get it cheap at an auction.
Another Strange Auctions Website

Fun Word Game Website: Dunk-A-Duck Hangman

Dunk a Duck Hangman Word Game Logo, Click to play Dunk a Duck Hangman Game free online. DUNK-A-DUCK HANGMAN is a great word game that can be adjusted for people of all ages, skill levels, and different interests; this is a fun game from the same people that brought you the hilarious Halloween Hangman. This new word game Dunk-A-Duck Hangman Game is a bit less violent and you can even customize it with your own word lists besides choosing from their lengthy selection word list categories.

Crazy Funny Website: Uncyclopedia:

Logo for Uncyclopedia, funny Wikipedia parody, Uncyclopedia.
Wikipedia for the rest of us - the "Uncyclopedia"

Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. It's sort of like Congress or Parliament. Unlike Congress or Parliament, however, it does have a sense of humor. Uncyclopedia, funny Wikipedia parody with satire and stupid stuff.

Funny Websites

Morph your favorite celebrity or politician!
Funny Interactive Website Page from "Warp Celebs"
with which you can warp photographs of celebrities and such for some good time free fun! Click, Drag, Warp; it's that easy;
Picture of Alien shapeshifter, Hillary Clinton? Alien Morphed part way to Hillary Clinton?
I "shape-shifted" Hillary Clinton into an Alien looking creature using the warp celebs tool, you can have fun and warp your favorite politician, musician, cartoon character and more all at this really funny site!

Clipart of the Geek Love Advice Computer Geek Love Machine
Are you a geek with questions about love, your lover or your love life? Now for all you geeks in need of geeky love advice, there is the Geek Love Machine. The Geek Love Machine is programmed to provide all the answers about your love life but comes with this disclaimer: Every effort has been made to insure that the Geek Love Machine™ is properly programmed. Unfortunately, freak encounters with random cosmic rays may occasionally upset the GLM 2020, electronically clouding its judgement somewhat. Please take this into account before going on any blind dates, cancelling any marriages, or giving your real e-mail address to a new chatline acquaintance .

Interesting Websites

USA Flag to promote 7 Wonders of the USA Website with Google Maps The 7 Wonders of the U.S.A. Interesting Website -
This site has a page for each state and specifies 7 wonders for each state; you can then there are links to view each "wonder" with aerial views from Google Maps. Interesting and Cool website; what are the seven wonders in your state?

Strange Weird Wacky Wild Crazy Websites

Weird Al YankovicThe Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Website
Admittedly and classically WEIRD, the Prince of Music Video Parodies Weird Al Yankovic; this website will hook you up with everything Weird Al, very weird, sometimes strange and always very funny. Weird al also has a very nice space at; Weird Al's Official MySpace Page

Have you seen Weird Al's funny hit music video
"White & Nerdy"?

All of these links to the video of "White and Nerdy" are good Options:
White & Nerdy
White & Nerdy
at Google Videos
White & Nerdy at
Weird Al's MySpace

Netdisaster Destroy the web!
Did you ever want to mess up a website? Use this crazy interactive website to do weird crazy things to other websites like add some graffiti or take a dog to some website to have him take care of his business. There are many options to mess up websites but no no harm is actually done to the websites, it's only a flash illusion.

Alien Abduction UFO Related Websites

Cartoon Alien Abduction clipart: Funny Man looking at Alien Abduction Evidence, flying saucer flying over-head; funn promo for the Alien Abduction Evidence Kit

Alien Abduction Evidence; Purchase the
Home Alien Abduction Veification Kit

Do people think you are crazy when you tell them you have been abducted by Aliens from outer space, that the extraterrestrials have taken you up to their spacecraft and given you a probing? Now you can provide them with proof positive that you are the victim of an actual recent Alien Abduction and not a part of some hoax! Purchase this Alien Abduction Verification Kit and you will have irrefutable evidence that you were abducted by real Aliens. You can get an actual picture of yourself tipping some brews with the extraterrestrial abductors down at the bar or a photo of you actually getting being examined by the Aliens and a newspaper article about your abduction. With the Alien Abduction Verification Kit you will also get an official Confirmation of Abduction Certificate from the National Alien Sighting Association (NASA); also comes with the actual latex glove used in the alien physical examination of the abducted. Depending on the nature of your abduction two scenarios are available; I partied with the Aliens or My Intimate Physical Examination by Extraterrestrials.

Avast! pirates! September 19 is Intergalactic & International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrrr!!!

Pirate Banner Promoting September 19 International Talk Like a Pirtate Dy, Arrr!!! Click to visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day Website Home Page

Site With Strange AncientClick this picture of strange alien skulls to enlarge: Unexplained Elongated Skulls from Peru.
Elongated Skulls, more

A weird website about Ancient Code Deciphering History Together. Archaeology, History and the Unexplained phenomena. The Black Knight, Facts, Pyramids and more at. ( Unexplained Elongated Skulls, Alien Bases on the Moon, 2 Ancient Alien Civilizations that helped forge the human evolution.

People think you r Weird picture of Brian Jones picking his nose looking like a moron to highlight this funny crazy senseless useless nonsense word generator.
stupit moreon?

Squenzely runded the matterburg, beasseachings joinally unlorrested? So what if you are not a genius or gifted intellectual, you can still impress your friends and acquaintances with kances, estabits and bick wrds beyond der vocabolaries uze dis useless nonsense word generator. Larn hoosatersilogy backooping dar igibilities une puzzlem!…

Hey !!! GOT CHEETOS?Strange girl in a bathtub full of Cheetos to weird Cheetos picture to promote link to crazy Cheeto Content from out of this universe.
Crazy Cheetos Content

There wasn’t enough crazy Cheetos stuff in this world so some has been imported from other galaxies and from out of this universe, you can find all weird, wacky, wild, insane, crazy Cheetos stuff here…

New Weird Website
Promotion bunny logo for Village of Joy, a strange website dedicated to the amazing, interesting, wonderful, weird, odd and funny things about our world; click to visit weird website Village of Joy.
Village of Joy Website:

A bizarre website with picture and video galleries dedicated to the strange, perplexing, amazing, interesting, wonderful, weird, odd and funny things around this crazy world.

Official Seal of the President of the United Satates of America; U.S. Presidential Seal to promote Presidential White House UFO and extraterrestrial involvement informational website.
The Presidents UFO, extraterrestrial Website
Interesting collection of information of the U.S. President's and White Houses past and present involvement with UFOs and extraterrestrials; tales extraterrestrial politics in the White House.

Alien Abduction Insurance Policy to protect you in case of abduction in a UFO by an Alien.
The UFO Abduction Insurance Company offers the perfect policy for anyone who thinks they have everything covered. Don't Leave Earth Without It!

Location Earth Dog Tags for protection from mislocation after an Alien Abdcution
Make sure your love returns
after they are abducted

Location Earth Dog Tags:

Show your friends that you care and want to make sure that they get back next time they are abducted by Aliens; give your friends location Earth Dog Tags as gifts!
You can survive Alien abduction and return to Earth safely! - If you're abducted by aliens while wearing Location Earth Dog Tags you will be brought home safely we guarantee it! The design is based on NASA research for the Pioneer 10 Space Mission; these dog tags may save your life, the crucial data an alien will need to get you back to Earth is die stamped into these dog tags. Get protection now; don't get stranded out there with the Aliens!

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