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Free Sports Clip Art Download Funny Animals Doing Sports Pics and more amusing clipart...
Free Sports Clipart Bicycling Funny Photographs

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Free bicycle animation; cute little girl bicycling on her bike through the city.

Historic Bikes

The Walking Machine: In 1817 Baron von Drais invented a walking machine that would help him get around the royal gardens faster: two same-size in-line wheels, the front one steerable, mounted in a frame which you straddled. The device was propelled by pushing your feet against the ground, thus rolling yourself and the device forward in a sort of gliding walk.
The Walking Machine
The Velocipede or Bone-Shaker: In 1865 the invention got pedals attached directly to the front wheel and was called the velocipede but was nicknamed the bone shaker. At first it was also made entirely of wood, then later received metal tires but either provided an extremely bumpy bone-shaking ride.
The Bone-Shaker
High-Wheel Bicycle: In 1870 the first all metal bike the high wheeler appeared. Solid rubber tires and long spokes on the large front wheel provided a much smoother ride than its predecessor. But the high wheel design was a bit dangerous and not well suited for women of the day, so it’s many enthusiastic riders were mostly young men.
High-Wheel Bicycle
High-Wheel Tricycle: Coming on the scene about the same time the high wheel tricycle offered a bit more safety and dignity that was required by the days women and middle aged gentleman.
High-Wheel Tricycle
High Wheel Safety Bike: The change of design to the bicycle putting small wheel in the front solved the high wheelers tendency to catapult the rider head first into the ground and this version became known as the high wheel safety bike.
High Wheel Safety Bike

Funny Animal Sports Pic: funny guenea pig bicycler pumps the peddles quickly to get his bicycle up a hill ahead of the other sport playing  guinea pigs; click download a larger file of this hilarious guinea pig pig bicycle race.
Click download larger photo this funny Guinea Pig bicycle racer picture

Free bicycle clipart: funny looking bicycle mechanic.

Vintage high-wheel bicycle club widescreen computer wallpaper: wonderful old classic photo of a group of high-wheel bicycle enthusiasts from the 1800's free sports themed wallpaper for the high-wheel bicycle fan; click to download high-wheel bicycle club vintage photograph 1280x960 size widescreen of this image to beautify your computer desktop background.
Free Vintage High-Wheeler Wide Computer Wallpaper

After the High Wheels:
Hard Tired Safety Bike: Improvements in metallurgy and innovations in technology provided an even safer version by using the chain driven sprocket method the bicycle could have a smaller wheel and get the rider down to a reasonable elevation but the shorter spokes of wheels combined with solid rubber tires provided a rougher ride than the high wheeler bike.
Hard Tired Safety Bike
Pnuematic Tired Safety Bike: Then the invention of the pneumatic rubber tire brought it all together, a safe and comfortable ride bringing the bicycle into its heyday as a machine for everyone practical as transportation and for great pleasure and mass production made them available to almost all levels of income.
Pnuematic Tired
Safety Bike
Post WW I North American Kids Bikes: Introduced after the war by manufacturers, such as Mead, Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward and a bit later the famous Schwinn, company to revitalize the bike industry these designs, we now call cruisers or classics, featured heavy frames, fat tires and one gear as well as automobile and motorcycle elements to appeal to kids who would rather have a motor vehicle.
Post WW I North American Kids Bikes

Funny Little Pig Riding a Bicycle Free Animated Animal Sports Clipart: click to download larger hilarious pig wearing clothes and a helmet riding a bicycle free animal sports animation clipart  picture. Free sports clipart cute man riding a high-wheel bike with glitter.
free funny cycling animation: a skeleton on a unicycle, like this skeleton is a little unsure or skeleton is just learning to ride this unicycle, funny. bicycle animation: neat vintage gentleman in a top hat riding an antique high-wheel bike.
Free Sports Clipart Funny Man Tired Bicycle Rider: click to download larger file of this hilarious colorful cartoon pooped out old bicycle rider guy with a big backpack free funny sports clipart exhausted bicycle rider picture. Funny Animated Tired Man Exercise; free hilarious colorful cartoon pooped out sweating old exercise guy with tongue hanging out sweat dripping amusing eyes rolling around; exhausted animated fat guy cartoon clipart picture.
Vintage Chimpanzee Bicyclist Photograph: hilarious chimp is dressed like a delivery boy and sitting on an antique bicycle; click to download a larger file of this amusing monkey delivery boy photo, a funny chimpanzee on a vintage bicycle photo free! Free Sports Clipart: rabbit on a racing-bike, a determined looking fast peddling racing bicycle riding rabbit; click download a larger file on a white background of this cartoon rabbit determined to win the bicycle race.
Vintage Bicyclists with their high-wheel bicycles: classic old 1980’s 1890’s competition bicyclists with their high-wheel racershigh-wheel bicycle: classic old 1980’s 1890’s competition bicyclist with their high-wheel racer. Vintage Bicyclists with his high-wheel bicycle: classic old 1980’s 1890’s competition bicyclist with their high-wheel racer; click download a larger vintage high-wheel bike photograph like this.
Free cute bicycling clipart: charming little Chinese adorable cartoon bear on a bike to represent the triathlon completion which includes bicycling, clipart left over from the 2008 Chinese Olympics. Free cute bicycling clipart: charming little Chinese adorable cartoon bear on a bike to represent the BMX bicycle completion, clipart left over from the 2008 Chinese Olympics. Free cute bicycling clipart: charming little Chinese adorable cartoon bear on a bike to represent the road racing completion, clipart left over from the 2008 Chinese Olympics. Free cute bicycling clipart: charming little Chinese adorable cartoon bear on a bike to represent the mountain biking completion, clipart left over from the 2008 Chinese Olympics. Free cute bicycling clipart: charming little Chinese adorable cartoon bear on a bike to represent the track bicycling completion, clipart left over from the 2008 Chinese Olympics.
Sports Theme Web Page Divider Bicycle Evolution: funny free sports theme clipart web page divider line showing progressive stages of bicycle history starting with a small animal that evolves to a the dinosaur that evolves to a gorilla that evolves to a caveman on a rock wheeled bike, evolving eventually to modern man on a racing bike, hilarious bicycle evolution web page divider line.

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