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If you think fiendishly you will find that many innocent standard games can be easily twisted into something more sinister like "Pin the Tail On the Donkey" could easily be "Pin the Tail on the Werewolf". You can take some stiff grey art paper and cover the backs of some chairs like gravestones; let your party guests decorate them with there own funny epitaphs; put on some creepy Halloween music and you've got a rousing game of "Musical Tombstones"! How about Halloween Pictionary, just play like regular Pictionary only players guess from a selection of Halloween themed words. Divide the group in two; one member will make a drawing of a selected word while his team members try to guess what Halloween word he is drawing within a specified time like two minutes. Using a cumulative point scoring system and awarding small prizes to the winning team will increase the fun. You can choose Halloween words to draw from the big list below or use these free printable ones from Haunted Bay:

Easy Halloween Pictionary Game Word List - Harder Halloween Pictionary Game Word List

A simple Halloween Crossword Puzzle Online Game


Small List Halloween and Harvest party related Words for Word Drawing Games Like Pixionary (146):

abominable snowman (yeti), alien (extraterrestrial), apple bobbing, bat, black cat, black widow spider, bloody axe (bloody hatchet), brains, broomstick (witches broom, flying broom), cadaver (corpse, dead body), candy (Halloween candy or trick-or-treat candy), candy apples (toffee apples or caramel apples), candy corn, cannibal, cemetery (graveyard), coffin, death (grim reaper), the devil (satan or lucifer), epitaph, electric chair, eyeball, fangs, fairy, flying witch, Frankenstein's Monster, full moon, gallows, ghost (spook, specter), ghost ship, goose bumps, grave, gravestone (headstone, tombstone), guillotine, guts, hanged man, hanging, haunted house, hayride, headless horseman, hearse, hell, indian corn, iron maiden, jack-o'-lantern, maggot, mad scientist, mask, newt, nightmare, owl (hoot owl), poison, pumpkin, rats, raven, scarecrow, scream (screams, screaming, screech, screeching, shriek, shrieking) silver bullet, skeleton, skull, skull and crossbones (Jolly-Roger), snake, sorcerer (wizard), spider, spider web, tarantula, torch, trick or treat, vampire, vampire bat, voodoo doll, werewolf, witch, witches hat, wooden steak, zombie

HALLOWEEN and HARVEST PARTY RELATED WORDS for Halloween Word Games Like Pictionary and Hangman:The BIG HALLOWEEN WORD GAME LIST (528 Halloween related words)

abominable, abracadabra, abyss, afraid, alien, aliens, apparition, apparitions, apple bobbing, arachnophobia, Astaroth, awful, axe, bane, banshee, bats, beast, beastly, behemoth, Beelzebub, bewitched, bewitching, boil, black, black cat, black magic, black widow spider, blight, burial, burial grounds, blood, bloodthirsty, bloody, bloody axe, bloody cleaver, bloody knife, bloody hatchet, bogeyman, bones, bone-chilling, boo, brains, brew, broom, broomstick, butcher, butcher knife, cadaver, cadavers, cadaverous, candelabra, candy, candy apples, candy corn, cancer, cancerous, canker, cannibal, cannibals, cannibalism, caramel apple, carrion, catacomb, cauldron, cemetery, cemeteries, chaotic, chills, chilling, chimera, Chucky, cleaver, coffin, coffins, conjure, conjuring, contaminated, corpse, corpses, costume, creature, creature from the black lagoon, creep, creeps, creeping, creepy, critter, crypt, curse, cursed, Cyclops, Cyclopes, dark arts, dead, dead body, deadly, death, decay, decayed, decaying, decompose, decomposing, destruction, devastation, demon, demons, depraved, devil, diseased, dismay, disgusting, distress, divination, doom, Doctor Jekyll, doppelganger, Dracula, dragon, dungeon, eerie, epitaph, electric chair, evil, elf, elves, Elvira, enchanted, enchantment, enchanting, ethereal, eulogy, execute, execution,exorcism, eyeball, eyeballs, fangs, fairy, fairy ring, fantasy, fear, fearful, fearsome, fester, festering, fiend, fiendish, flesh, flesh eating, flying broom, flying witch, forbidden, foul, Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Monster, freak, freaky, freak of nature, freak show, Freddy, fright, frighten, frightening, frightful, full moon, fungus, gallows, gargoyle, ghastly, ghost, ghostly, ghost ship, ghoul, ghoulish, giant, gloom, gloomy, gnome, goblin, goliath, Goosebumps, goose bumps, gory, gourd, gourds, grave, graves, gravestone, graveyard, gremlin, gross, gruesome, gremlin, grim reaper, grief, grisly, grotesque, growl, growling, gruesome, guillotine, guillotined, guillotining, guts, Halloween, hang, hanged man, hanging, Harry Potter, harvest, haunt, haunted, haunting, haunted house, havoc, hayride, headless, headless horseman, headstone, hearse, hell, helter-skelter, hex, hideous, hiss, hobgoblins homicide, homicidal, homicidal manic, hoot, hooting owl, horror, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrifying, horrendous, howl, howling, illusion, infect, infection, infectious, impale, incantation, indian corn, iron maiden, jack-o'-lantern, Jason, kill, killer, leviathan, leviathans, levitate, macabre, maggot, magic, magic charm, magic potion, magic spell, mad, mad scientist, mask, masquerade, mausoleum, makeup, malignant, malevolent, manic, menace, menacing, mischief, mold, moldy, monster, monstrous, morgue, Mr. Hyde, mummy, murder, murderer, murderous, mutant, mutilate, mutilated, mysterious, nasty, nauseating, necromancer, necrophilia, necropolis, newt, nightmare, obituary, occult, October, oddity, ogre, ooze, oozing, otherworldly, owl, pain, pained, panic, panicked, paralyzed, party, pestilence, pestilences, petrified, petrify, petrifying, phantasm, phantasmal, phantom, phantoms, phoenix, pixie, plague, plagues, poison, poisoned, poltergeist, poltergeists, potion, potions, psycho, psychos, psychotic, psycho killer, pungent, pumpkin, pumpkins, putrid, putrefy, putrefying, quicksand, rats, raven, rancid, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rigor mortis, rotten, rotting, satan, savage. scare, scarecrow, scared stiff, scary, scream, screams, screaming, screech, screeching, scythe, shriek, shrieking, shiver, shivers, shock, shocking, sickening, silver bullet, sinister, siren, skeleton, skull, skulls, skull and crossbones, slime, slimy, snake, sorcerer, sorceress, sorcery, soul, specter, specters, spectral, spell, spider, spiders, spider web, spine-chilling, spirit, spiritless, sprite, spook, spooked, spookiest, spookish, spooky, stab, stabbing, stench, stink, supernatural, superstition, superstitious, sweets, taboo, tarantula, tarantulas, telekinesis, terrible, terrify, terrified, terrifying, terror, terrorize, toffee apples, torch, torment, tormenting, tormented, torture, tortured, torturing, Thing, trick, trick or treat, trick-or-treaters, trickery, troll, tomb, tombs, tombstone, troll, unearthly, undead, undertaker, vampire, vampire bat, vile, villain, voodoo, voodoo doll, voodoos, warlock, web, webs, werewolf, wicked, witch, witches, witches broom, witches hat, witchcraft, witching hour, wizard, wizardry, wolf, wolves, wooden steak, worm, worms, wound, wounded, wraith, wretch, zombie

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Printable Halloween Pixionary Word List: Click for a print friendly list of easy to draw Halloween words list for Pixionary fro your printer to print.
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