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from the creative minds at JibJab.

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Download MP4 of this hilarious extra-funny extraterrestrials from JibJab deliver their traditional greeting, Aaa-blpblpleww-heeho!  Which means Happy Holidays in Zeep alien-speak  to watch on your cell phone high end mobile device or computerMP4 Download FLV of this funny Zeep Aiens Happy Holidays E-Card video from JibJab SendablesFLV

Watch these funny Extraterrestrial
Hilarious Zeeps aliens from outer space animated cartoon characters featured in the animated Happy Holiday JibJab Sendable video E-Card; click for a larger picture of these hilarious Zeep Outer Space Aliens.
Zeeps exclaim Happy Holidays!

You will lol to this JibJab Happy Holidays E-Card "Zeeps" - These extra-funny extraterrestrials deliver their traditional greeting, "Aaa-blpblpleww-heeho!" Which means "Happy Holidays!” in Zeep Alien-speak.

Hillarious Happy Holiday E-Card from out of this world from the creative JibJab; funny one-eyed extraterrestrials deliver their traditional greeting, Aaa-blpblpleww-heeho when translated from Zeepspeak to English means "Happy Holidays!” . !; RT 0:25

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