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Picture of an astronaut with the American flag on the moon, still photo from the hilarious Hynes Baked Beans not for astronauts animated commercial advertisment.Caution! this video contains graphic images of an alien monster on the moon killing astronauts shocking pictures!

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CLICK TO WATCH ON YOUR CELL PHONE OR OTHER MOBILE DEVICE 3gpp3gp file: Download 3gpp version of this  funny animated short film made by Cinesite, a commercial Haynes Baked Beans not for Astronauts for your mobile or cell phone.
or DOWNLOAD and WATCH A 4MP FILE Download MP4 of this funny animated short film made by Cinesite, a commercial Haynes Baked Beans not for Astronauts.


CAUTION {: NOT suitable for all audiences, not for small children or weak fragile minded people: This video contains graphic images of a scary frightening Alien as well as the violent deaths of several American Astronauts and a frightening shocking surprise ending.

"Haynes Baked Beans – Not for Astronauts" - is the first animated short film made by Cinesite. It takes the form of a hilarious mock-commercial for baked beans. The film was written and directed by animator Alvise Avati and produced by Cinesite’s Animation Director Eamonn Butler. More at

Tags: moon alien monster astronauts beans animated animated short film Cinesite faux mock-commercial advertisment ad TV showcase written directed animator Alvise Avati produced by Cinesite Animation Director Eamonn Butler Alvise visual effects lunar environment based on NASA film footage and actual lunar photography surprise ending photo-realistic effects scary Eamonn Butler VFX Supervisor Richard Clarke Art Direction Jean-David Solon Concept Art Andrea de Martis Modelling and Rigging Grahame Curtis Royston Willcocks Richard Boyle Animation Alvise Avati Eamonn Butler Peter Clayton Tom O'Flaherty Adam Bailey Texture Artists Nicolette Newman Gary Newman FX Animation Andreas Vrhovsek Luke Wilde Lighting and Compositing Zave Jackson Nikos Gatos Jonathan Vuillemin Dan Harrod Joel Bodin Jas Summersgill Editorial William Marshall-Wilkinson Christopher Learmonth Post Production Molinare; Video Runtime:00:00:43.

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Summary Conclusion: Title: Beans - Not for Astronauts | funny animated short film made by Cinesite | it appears to be a hilarious commercial for baked beans | very amusing TV like commercial. Description: Cool short animated film photo-realistic have a big laugh watching this cool short animated film set on a photo realistic rendition of a U.S. moonlanding gone awrey, very scary!; Catagories: sci-fi science fiction animated shorts films cartoons computer animation space space ships aliens Haynes baked beans commercial funny hilarious comedies aliens s astronauts animations photo-realistic faux mock; Runtime:00:00:43.

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