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You will lol to this YouTube video "FAT" - a hilarious animated short about some weird stuff happening on a farm!

It's a amusing look farm life, the farmer, his pretty wife and barnyard full of animals, one morning the farmer goes out to check the henhouse for eggs and one the hens is missing and ballooned up floating on the ceiling and things just stranger and stranger; a cartoon full of funny farm animals getting fat and...; RT 5:84

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Summary Conclusion: title: FAT ★ Farm Animals Get Fat the funny cartoon animation short | hilarious video with strange goings on down on the farm Halloween or anytime great entertainment | watch this funny animated cartoon short movie online YouTube video free |FAT, it is bust a gut laughing funny! ; description: Watch this hilarious animated cartoon video of a farmer, his pretty wife and barnyard full of animals experiencing a strange phenomena from youtube; Categories: "FAT": fat animals in a farm a funny animation about a funny farm and its fat animals, fette tiere auf dem bauernhof, eine sehr lustige animation, very funny cartoon about fat animals, funny fat animals, what happens if animals eat fastfood, fat animals ate fast food, if animals eat fastfood, animals get fat- farm animals, animals and fastfood, funny helium filled inflated animals

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