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Watch Hilarious Muppet Band the Irish Rodents Sing: CHEESE a musical performance video from the Muppet Show:

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Enjoy this Irish Online Entertainment "CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE" performed on stage by the Irish Rodents...

Lyrics by The Irish Rodents:
When I was a young lad in old County Court
My father said son don't eat with a fork
No need to say thank you
No need to say please
The rat is a lad that's a lover of cheese
Ohhhhh there's chedder...limburger...
(and various other kinds of cheese)
and the Rats sing on ...
and dance some corny jig with dairy products
the real Irish Drinking Song: "SHILLELAGH FLOGGIN'"by Bellner
When I was a young lad back in ole Ireland
My father tried to teach me how to be a man
I learned my lesson well on how I should not be
I still remember how it went here's what he said to me

Oh It's Shillelagh Floggin time come on and join the fun
Oh, It's Shillelagh Floggin time it's fun for everyone
When it's Shillelagh Floggin time you'll know just what to do
Shillelagh Floggin time is fun for everyone but you

Well I remember the old days when I was in school
My teacher didn't like me she thought I was a fool
I know she didn't like me for almost every day
She would pull me to the side and this is what she'd say

And now I am a man with a wife and children three
I've never been so happy nover thought that this could be
There is one thing about them that I could do without
Everyday when I come home they began to shout

Oh I like to sit and wonder when the time will come
And my days alive on Earth ever will be done
I lon for the comfort that my death will bring
So I'll never have to hear those ****** words again!
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Muppet Wiki: "The Irish Rodents sing the opening number on episode 105 of Muppets Tonight while catapulting cheese including Swiss Cheese into a giant fondue pot. As the number draws to a close, the rats go skinny dipping in the vat of molten cheese."
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Summary Conclusion: Title: Irish Rodents hilarious muppet version of traditional Irish drinking song SHILLELAGH FLOGGIN' by a muppet rat band called the Irish Rodents
Description: Halarious Irish Rodent Muppet Band, the Irish Rodents sings faux Irish drinking song about cheese for Saint Patrick's Day entertainment Rat Band to celebrate St Patricks Day; Also you can purchase funny Irish movies, comedy, on DVD or download funny movies to own for Saint Patrick's Day entertainment. Tags: muppets Irish Rodents Cheese Irish music Irish pub song Irish drinking song St Patricks Saint Patricks Day St Paddy's Day rats singing sings puppets free funny hilarious entertainment entertaining irish watch watch free online video free

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