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Watch vintage 1958 space theme cartoon video "Hare-Way to the Stars" or
to enlarge click classic Bugs Bunny space theme video: Hare Way to the Stars staring Bugs Bunny in vintage 1958. download for cell phone3gp file: Download 3gpp version of this classic vintage 1958 Bugs Bunny space theme cartoon Hare-Way to the Stars to watch on your cell phone high end mobile device or computer.epp

You will love this space theme vintage 1958 cartoon video " Hare-Way to the Stars " - title is a parody on the similar classic song nothing like this hilarious science fiction cartoon staring Bugs Bunny pitted against arch alien villain Marvin the Martian; trust funny Bugs for some hilarious outer space theme entertainment!

Bugs Bunny, groggy from a rabbit hangover caused by mixing radish juice and carrot juice, climbs out of his hole mistakenly into a rocket ship parked directly above his happy home which is about to be launched for outer space. He thinks that he's still in his rabbit-hole dreaming while he unwittingly stows away aboard the rocket to Mars and when he peaks out to see what’s going on and where he is he collides with and is carried off by a satellite into the lair of Marvin the Martin who is about to blow up the earth with the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator because Earth obstructs his view of Venus. Bugs decides to save the Earth from the Martians evil intent and hilarity ensues. Can the funny bunny save the Earth or will he be overpowered and outwitted by Marvin and Martians? Watch the hilarious cartoon Hare-Way to the stars and find out the unexpected surprise ending!

Tags: Hare-Way to the Stars Bugs Bunny vintage science fiction space cartoon video funny hilarious 1958 WB Warner Brothers animation studios Marvin the Martian earth mars

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Summary Conclusion: title: Vintage Cartoon: Hare-Way to the Stars | funny 1958 science fiction tale on video from Warner Brothers animation studios staring Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian titled Hare-Way to the Stars.; description: Watch this hilarious vintage Bugs Bunny science fiction thriller space cartoon video: Hare-Way to the Stars a funny 1958 Warner Brothers cartoon that pits Bugs Bunny against the arch villian Marvin the Martian who is trying to destroy the Earth; titled Hare-Way to the Stars, kinda like the song Stair Way to the Stars, very funny free online vintage space Bugs Bunny cartoon video.; Categories: Bugs Bunny Marvin the Martian animations cartoons animated mars destroy earth alien aliens outer space planet takeover nonhuman clones movie Warner Brothers cartoon 1958 WB Warner Brothers bunny videos humorous hilarious amusing comical comic witty entertaining cool fun humor comedy

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