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Freaky Optical Illusions

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Cool optical illusion of bricks impossibly stacked, freaky can you stack bricks like this?

Is it possible to really stack bricks like this?
Now scroll on down...and view some more freaky optical illusions...

Optical Illusion, spinning rings!

Freaky optical illusion is created in this graphic image, the rings spin in oposite directions when you look at the dot in the center and move your head closer and further away, weird.

Freaky optical illusion is created in this graphic image, the rings spin in oposite directions when you move your head, weird.

This graphic is made with only black and white.
Most people see a freaky optical illusion; grey marks between the black squares where there really are none, weird.

Good and Evil Briainteaser

This may be the optical illusion you are looking for, cool!

Optical Illusion Brainteaser, stare at the image then look on a close wall for a freaky cool optical illusion!

What do you see here?

Funny Optical Illusion Brainteaser.

You should see a man's face and also a word.
Hint: Try tilting your head to the right, t he world begins with 'L'

Are the purple lines bent or straight?

Optical Illusion graphic image

They probably look bent or at least alternating sometimes bent sometimes straight but hold something straight on them you will see they are not.

Scroll this one up and down using your mouse on the scroll bar:

Is your brain there? Your brain should look something like this if you are human.

If you are having trouble seeing some of these optical illusions correctly maybe you have bad eyes;
Use this eye chart below to check for bad eyesight.
Can you read what it says?

Optical Illusion Eye Chart: Use this eye test chart to test sight for bad eyes

If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corners of your eyes.
Now, what do you see?

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The image below is a static graphic image, any movment you see is just an optical illusion, freaky!!

Optical Illusion graphic image
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