Peeps® Contest Winner: Washington Post Best Diorama"Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue"

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Photo of the Peep Show Peeps Diorama Contest Winner: amazing photo of a Easter candy peeps diorama scene of the famous 70 day long Chilian mine rescue opperation in 2010,  a peeps work of art that won the fifth annual Peeps Contest, Peep Show peeps diorama competition at Washington Post 2011.
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Dramatic 2010 News: Thirty-three miners were trapped underground for 70 days when part of the San Jose mine in Chile's Atacama Desert collapsed on 5 August 2010.

2011 PEEP SHOW CONTEST WINNER: "Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue"

This year's winning diorama, which depicts the dramatic rescue of 33 mine workers in Copiapo, Chile, last October, is the work of Mary Jo Ondrejka from Reston; Bryn Metzdorf from Fairfax; and Margaret Hartka from Parkton, Md. A Peep version of miner Ariel Ticona meets his newborn daughter for the first time, while Peep Johnny Barrios Rojas is greeted by both his wife and mistress. (Deb Lindsey / The Washington Post) Video: More about this peep show contest winning entry and a dozen of the wonderful contest finalists.

Peep Show Diorama Contest Winner: cool photo of a Easter candy Peeps® diorama scene that won the fifth annual Peeps® Contest at Washington Post. Each Peeps® Contest receives thousands of hilarious creative Peeps® dioramas; CLICK to view a gallery with photos of the best dioramas from
Washington Post Peep Show Diorama Contest V, 2011.

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Summary Conclusion: Title: Peeps® Contest 2011 Winner: cool artwork Peeps® diorama photo featuring cute Easter Candy Peeps® depicting a famous recent dramatic news story | Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue the winner of the Washington Post's annual Peep Show Peeps® Diorama Contest V in 2011. Description: Peeps® Diorama Contest Winner: cool photo of a Easter candy Peeps® diorama scene called Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue depicting the famous dramatic mine rescue; an Easter candy Peeps® artwork that won the fifth annual Peeps® Contest, Peep Show V Peeps® diorama competition at Washington Post; also purchase Easter party supplies,housewares, books and other products related to Easter on this Peeps® contest winner page too. Tags : Peeps® contest easter candy diorama peep Chilean Chile mine news story drama dramatic rescue mine collapse cave-in trapped miners thirty-three 33 miners trapped underground 70 days San Jose mine Atacama desert collapsed August 5 2010 Santiago competition win won marshmallow washington post picture photo photograph pic picture gallery art artwork scene work of art creative cool amazing astonishing astounding remarkable incredible marvelous ,spectacular interesting fascinating intriguing captivating mesmerizing fascinating; Categories: peep show, Peeps® contest, easter, winners, Peeps® diorama, Washington Post, Chilean, Chile, mining, news, news story, drama, dramatic, rescues, mines collapse, cave-ins, trapped miners, thirty-three, 33, miners, trapped underground,70 days, San Jose mine, Atacama desert, collapsed, ,August 5,2010, Santiago, amazing pictures, photographs, photos, diorama, cool, pictures, photos, art, artworks, works of art, photographs,

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