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Photo of talented portriat artist David S. Palmer with his brass bullet casing portriate of the assassinated celebrity singer John Lennon; click for a larger picture of David Palmer and his spent bullet cartriage portriat of famous Beatle John Lennon.

Where are the best Presidents Day Sales?

Presentents Day in 2012 is Monday, February 20!
And to celebrate Presidents Day I found this interesting portriat made from brass bullet casings of the USA’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

Portrait of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln: a unique almost eerie image of Abe Lincoln created on spent brass bullet casings by artist David Palmer in memorial to the assassinated  by shooting United States President.
Rare photograph American Patriot Army General George Washington driving out the British
A Little Presidents Day Holiday History: That Monday holiday in February that most of us know as Presidents Day is actually called "Washington’s Birthday" officially by the USA Federal Government (Washingtons birthday is actually February 22) and the title of the day is just a technicality, many States have renamed the holiday and most all of us accept the day as a holiday to honor the contributions of both Washington and Abraham Lincoln (whose birthday is actually March 4th). In 1971 the holiday was shifted to the third Monday in February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which established the holiday weekend and the most noteable feature of the holiday are President’s Day Weekend Sales! Celebrations of Presidents Day vary state to state; learn more about that and other interesting President's Day holiday facts from Presidents Day history and info at Wikipedia.
Strange Unique Assassinated  United States President Abraham Lincoln portriat by David Palmer; close up reveals that the artwork is made on spent brass bullet casings; click for a larger file of this unique presidential portriat.
A little closer inspection of President Lincoln’s portrait reveals that the unique canvas of the picture is made from spent brass carriages (the bullet casings are driven into wood so that the butt ends become the canvas for the portrait). The talented artist David Palmer has chosen this media because it was relevant to how the subjects met their end. The artist has used this same method for almost eerie portraits of several assassinated people including this one of Abe Lincoln, John Lennon, John Kennedy and more are in the works…

Abraham Lincoln not a federal holiday but many wish you happy birthday! Born February 12, 1809

Artist David Palmer working on one of his unique brass bullet cassing portriats of assassinated people portriates; click for a larger photo of talented portriat artist David Palmer at work,
David Palmer, President Abraham Lincoln
Strange portriat of US President Abraham Lincoln by David Palmer; this angled photo shows how the spent bullet cartriages are used click for a larger file of this unique Abraham Lincoln portriat.
President Abraham Lincoln 1865
Public domain photograph of a painting of Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States of America being assassinated by John Wilks Booth.
President Abraham Lincoln Antietam, Maryland

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More about President Abraham Lincoln from the White House


Humorous President’s Day Clipart by Philip Martin: Click to visit the artist’s website and download a free Presidents Day clipart with Lincoln and Washington larger like this.

US History Books

Since you like this Presidents Day Weekend Page thought you might be interested in one way we protect the U.S. President's Motorcade...Watch this weapon demonstration video and be amazed...

Picture of the United States President’s motorcade being protected by the Secret Police; click for an online video demonstration of the Dillon M134D Gatling Gun that may be in the arsenal of weapons used to protect the American President when he travels in the presidential motorcade.

Interesting Presidents Day Facts and Information: In 1971 Congress was kicking around the idea of remaking the “Washington’s Birthday” holiday, moving it to a Monday and reanimating the holiday “Presidents Day” and celebrating all United States Presidents or because Lincolns birthday was February 12 and Washington’s was February 22 some thought why not combine the celebrations into this reinvented Monday holiday “Presidents Day” making it a Lincoln / Washington’s birthdays celebration? They couldn’t come to a consensus of course so the holidays’ name was left “Washington’s Birthday” and the date was moved to whatever date is the third Monday in February. The states are left to celebrate however they please so out in California they have great president picture saving Presidents Day Weekend sales! You can buy cheap cars, furniture, washing machines or nearly anything for fewer presidential pictures! So Californians celebrate by taking out many pictures of presidents Washington and Lincoln and handing them over to retailers. My family down in Alabama doesn’t give a dam about President Lincoln, accord ing to Wikipedia Alabamians celebrate Presidents Washington, and Thomas Jefferson’s even though Thomas Jefferson was born in April go figure those Alabamans, "Washington and Jefferson Day". Could it be another President Jefferson those Southern folk are honoring? Anyway I think on the sly Alabamians probable celebrate that all too often discounted by too many (Yankees and Northerners mostly), disrespected or even totally forgotten (by the Yankees) president of the States Jefferson Davis. So you just have to remember where you are at and see how they celebrate this holiday there, wherever you are.

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Summary Conclusion: Title/Discription: Presidents Day Pictures and Information; President George Washington and US President Abraham (Abe) Lincoln: Interesting information and public domain copyright free photos the best and most amazing, even a rare photograph of General George Washington driving off the British! astonishing and astounding! Purchase books and DVD's and Patriotic Presidential Movies on American History on this Presidents Day George Washington's Birthday US President Abraham Lincoln page too. Tags: presidents day when is presidents day 2012 weekend george washington washington abraham lincoln lincoln public domain public domain copyright free copyright rare vintage photographs information history pictures photo photograph pic picture photographs amazing astonishing astounding remarkable incredible marvelous spectacular interesting fascinating intriguing captivating mesmerizing fascinating free books dvds Catagories: when is presidents day 2012 presidents day holiday presidents day weekend Washington's Birthday George Washington Abraham Lincoln public domain photos copyright free photographs pictures photo photograph pic picture photographs amazing astonishing astounding remarkable incredible marvelous spectacular interesting fascinating intriguing captivating mesmerizing fascinating free books jewelery cds dvds

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